What matters most to you in life? What creates the most value for you? You may know the movie City Slickers starring Billy Crystal, to whom an old, wise cowboy says: “One thing. Just one […]

When was the last time you took a three-week vacation? Well, I’ve taken a couple of those. I’ve been to Namibia, Myanmar, Mexico, Vietnam, Cuba, Brazil … although it must be said that I only […]

In a 2009 workplace study, 5,000 European managers said that much of the time spent on meetings could easily be saved. And I expect that the number of meetings has not decreased in the meantime. […]

Delegating is simple, isn’t it? In most cases, yes: Your employee is motivated and knows that new tasks regularly crop up and land on their desk. As the employee is also competent, they will complete […]

What is the worst thing for us humans? Uncertainty. Unpredictability. Ambiguity about how things are going to move forward. Because just like every other living organism, we want to survive above all else. If we […]

Nature is awesome. It is perfect. It has adapted to changing circumstances over millions of years. The organisms that have made it this far have done so because they have spent many millennia fighting to […]

In a lecture by fellow speaker Helmut Fink-Neuböck, I recently heard the phrase that by working with agile teams, the “illusion of control is gone”. Meaning that executives used to think they had control, even though […]

Have you ever thought about how your employees feel when you take the lead in change processes? Let us consider a private example: How does change management work in your own home? Imagine your partner […]

Digitization means above all: change in all its different forms. This is because the markets are developing faster than ever before.   How do these changes actually work? During my business studies, I came across […]

Do you have any special qualities? Are you yourself special? Of course you are, there is no doubt about that. But the key question here is: Are these qualities similarly perceived by others? A while […]

Leading in digital times means above all the ability to adapt one’s own behavior to changes. How can you make your team ready and willing to change? Very simple: By pro-actively change your team on […]

The other day during one of my coaching sessions, a participant quoted from John Strelecky’s book The Big Five for Life. The moment he mentioned it, I got goosebumps because the book still fascinates me […]

I’m guessing the following will be familiar to you, as it is to me. Ambitious people like you and I always have a lot of ideas, plenty of projects, and long to-do lists. Not to […]

My book The Unpopular Boss – Why Excellent Leaders Are Not Nice has received some criticism. It’s content is not new and therefore, according to some, is nothing more than grandstanding. I think this is […]

Roundabout half a year ago, two close colleagues of mine betrayed my trust. We had an agreement, but neither one of them kept to their word. They abused their position of power and there was […]

In today’s world of work, you will face many changes and other challenges. How can you equip yourself and your team to act effectively in these digital times, with their shifting contexts and unexpected challenges? […]

Imagine your employee comes storming into the office…he is extremely agitated, has just talked with a customer… “Boss! All hell is breaking loose! The client just called, he desperately needs the replacement. I’ve already called […]

You all know people and employees who are always grumbling, constantly dissatisfied, and overall spreading a bad mood. The job performance of such people is generally middling or even sub-par. Why is that? It’s like […]

Do you still remember the last time you truly fell head over heels in love? Perhaps this is the case now or perhaps it was a few weeks ago or months or even years. What […]

In a recent leadership seminar we had an exciting discussion. I stated my opinion that power changes people. This caused quite a debate about what that means exactly and whether it is necessarily always the […]

What do you think, could Madonna ever get burned out? No!!! But Madonna does not have a 40-hour week! No, she works much longer than 9 to 5. Why does she work so much? Because […]

Think about what has gone through your head as a plan or idea lately. There were certainly nice things. Maybe you wanted to get the old guitar from the basement and practice the Beatles song […]

I can’t hear the excuses anymore! “I’d like to, but I can’t.” “My boss would never allow me to do that.” “My wife would throw me out, if I would do that.” Or whatever else […]

I know what you want! And I also know what you don’t want. It’s not rocket science, but very simple: You don’t want swim in the ocean right now, or relax on the beach, go […]

In the world of 1000 possibilities, everything comes down to making a decision. So let me ask you something: Would you like to be on a beach in Hawaii right now? Would you like to […]

“Starting a new job at 55? Are you crazy?“, an older man says to the other man in the adjacent shower stall. I’m at the indoor swimming pool, taking a shower, too, and eavesdropping on […]

Women get a lower salary than men, people with professional experience earn more than younger people, self-employment lets one earn more than employment. No, that’s not a study about unjust salaries, cited for the umpteenth […]

My business is a tribe, and I am the chief. Or how else do you explain the result of the Linked Personnel Panel regarding quality of work and economic success that took place at the […]

Does this sound familiar to you? Your To-do-list is getting longer and longer, and priorities are waiting and waiting … Too often our work is being interrupted. E-mails, colleagues who are chatting or asking questions, […]

It’s well known that the Volkswagen’ leader, Martin Winterkorn, doesn’t tend to hesitate and likes to challenge. He has recently given the GO! for a new project, which success is still questionable:   The “Budget […]

What legacy do you leave behind these days: in the job and in private? How good is your reputation? Not your image, not your business results, not to the size of your company car.

Have you ever played in an orchestra? Those who did and who played professional classical music probably experienced a dominant conductor and leader – a person who does not only lead the team on stage, […]

After being unemployed for 12 months, a friend of mine received a job offer for an excellent position just two days ago. Can you imagine how the mood goes up and down in such a […]