Nothing Can Touch Us!
Giving your team security when nothing is secure anymore

The greatest fear for us human beings is insecurity. Because we want to survive. We want to have the safe feeling that we – if possible without immense efforts – can provide enough for ourselves and our family every day. Today, the work environment and companies take a lot of security away from the employees through cost-cutting, restructuring and lay-offs.

It is therefore also the companies that can restore security. This is the manager’s task, the company’s representative. This works when the manager is prepared to take the lead. If managers take care pro-actively of the employees, their concerns and their needs, the employees will develop a strong team spirit, tackle the issues together and become highly competitive.

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Commitment and concentration in the home office.

The home office lacks the social, personal environment of the office. Some employees are much more productive, others lack the directly felt pressure to perform. While the interruptions become less for some, others suffer from the multitude of digital meetings.

How do you manage yourself in your home office? How do you manage your employees in the home office? The book answers both questions. You will also find answers how employees go the extra mile, get fully involved and enjoy working on difficult projects. Impossible? Yes, absolutely possible with the right leadership. Available in German only.

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The Formula for Infinite Pride – You Things You Cannot Do

Markus Jotzo invites the reader to overleap the stretch zone and enter directly into the overburden zone. Everybody can expect something way more exciting there: The reader can attempt to reach his lifelong dreams – big or small –, which have waited for so long, directly and straight. In other words: He does what he can’t do yet and expose himself to the risk of fail. The effect: the fastest learning rate possible. And in the end: infinite pride.

Markus Jotzo’s guidebook is extraordinary. He goes beyond usual books about bravery. Radical, refreshing, full of anecdotes and stories – and convincingly reflected.

Do things you cannot do and reach infinite pride.

Don’t only leave your comfort zone, but go directly into the overburden zone: Consciously do something you cannot do yet, which you however have dreamt of for a lifetime – meaning: failing, enormously fast learning and nevertheless being proud of yourself in the end. With his extraordinary book, Markus Jotzo emboldens you to surpass yourself.

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The seminar “Do the things you cannot do”

Crossing Your Own Boundaries with Courage and Energy The seminar for more courage, self-determination, and life satisfaction.

The keynote speech.

Bold. Energetic. Proud. How to Face Changes with Self Confidence, Sovereignty and Inner Strength – The keynote for your company event.

The Unpopular Boss –
Why Excellent Leaders Are Not Nice

Good executives merely achieve average results. Markus Jotzo’s management book reveals how bosses can become excellent executives: On the way to excellent leadership it is inevitable to keep looking closely and to regularly address the employee’s strengths as well as areas for improvement. That’s unpleasant for the employee – and quite hard for the manager, too.

The author is convinced: “Employees love being thrown in at the deep end – in retrospect.” As unpleasant as it may appear, the result is convincing: Employees excel and grow. Executives and their personnel will create completely new potentials. In order for bosses to set the course for success, a new attitude regarding leadership is necessary. Every manager can make this quantum leap by utilizing the management book with its practical tips.

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The Online-Seminar to the book

The online seminar to the topic – Excellent Leadership – Online leadership training for more
leadership skills.

The keynote to the topic

The Unpopular Boss: Why Excellent Leaders Are Not Nice – The keynote for your company event.

Letting Go for Leaders – More Responsibility for Employees

The management book for executives who want to achieve better results. It is intended for experienced executives as well as junior managers: if they want to be successful with their team, they need to let go, have confidence in their employees to accomplish great things, and delegate. Because only those who challenge their staff and allow them adequate attitude, can bring the best out of them – and develop the company’s full potential.

Markus Jotzo knows from his own leadership experience: When employees become partners, the boss can retreat from the operational business and concentrate fully on the managerial functions. To make sure these are not just good intentions, his book “Letting go for leaders” conveys practical tools and proven strategies bosses can implement directly in their everyday work.

Providing practical examples and numerous tips, the “Trainer Book of 2013” helps to make smarter decisions with a clear head, independent, productive and creative employees and the focus set on advancement.

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The seminar

Letting Go for Leaders: More Responsibility for Employees – Leadership training for all managers who want to learn the supreme discipline of focusing and letting go.

The keynote

Letting Go for Leaders: More Responsibility for Employees – The Keynote for Letting Go for Leaders.