• “Our managers really liked the direct and crystal clear feedback.”

    Nelly Schulz-Algie, Personnel Manager LeaseRad GmbH
  • “For the tenth year, Mr. Jotzo has been supporting us with his training sessions, at our international strategy meetings, and by individually coaching executives. Not only does Mr. Jotzo develop effective training concepts with his passionate, goal-oriented, and tenacious style, he also questions my thinking as an international sales manager. His goal orientation and steady questioning enabled us to remove many snarls that had clung to us. This has enabled me to bring our business forward even more successfully and to continue our significant international growth of recent years.”

    Claus Ripken, Managing Director, Knauf Aquapanel & Co. KG
  • “A keynote speech without equal, in one word: An enrichment!”

    Stefan Trinkl, SMP Germany GmbH
  • “Superior lecture – very inspiring (!) – was a great joy and enrichment.”

    Rainer Richter, Head of Wealth Management, Commerzbank AG
  • “It wasn't just a lecture, it was energy-charged powerplay of the best.”

    Prof. Dr. Sebastian Feichtmair, Head of International Business, Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Loerrach
  • “Great fun, very dynamic and in depth.”

    Chris Hunter, Indigo Scientific Ltd., United Kingdom
  • “The way and the time were really worth it, because I was fascinated by the lecture, in the middle of it, super!”

    Ursula Hepfer, Head of Human Resources, Heidelberg
  • “The lecture was excellent! Entertaining, provocative and valuable for the daily work of our entrepreneurs. Awesome!”

    Peter Geckeler, Managing Director of the Metalworkers' Association of Baden-Württemberg
  • “Markus Jotzo has made us rethink: strong, leading, unpleasant.”

    Sylvia Friedmann, Managing Director HEISERV GmbH
  • “Markus Jotzo was able to respond individually to the specific development and learning needs of the individual participants.”

    Dr. Sieglinde Jastroch, HR Manager CE of Orion Pharma GmbH






The keynote was outstanding! Entertaining, provoking and valuable for our entrepreneurs’ daily work. Great!

Peter Geckeler, CEO business association metal Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

Keynote 1:

“Nothing can touch us! Creating security in times of insecurity” by Leadership Speaker Markus Jotzo

The current drastic changes bring ever faster and more drastic upheavals. Employees are therefore more insecure, sometimes more anxious than ever. The willingness to perform decreases, fluctuation increases and the talents needed for tomorrow’s challenges are gone far too quickly. The bar for managers is therefore set on a high level: to create out of an existing basic motivation, the desire to perform and jump in also in times of dramatic changes.


Leaders learn to pay more attention to the HOW in addition to the WHAT:

… how do employees feel secure and ready to perform in order to deliver maximum results = the basis for change?
… how can employees become ready to learn, grow and change?
… how does respectful, appreciative and demanding leadership as the basis for transformational leadership work?


With this speech you will bring the quality of your leadership team to the next level. Speaker Markus Jotzo is firmly convinced: „more secure = more engaged = more profitable”. But why is that so difficult to create? Concrete implementation tips provided during the speech lead to a healthy understanding of leadership, performance and change management. Markus Jotzo adapts the focus of the speech to your individual situation. Achieve your change goals with a team that feels emotionally secure.

Keynote description on one page: “Nothing can touch us! Creating security in times of insecurity”

To request a booking please contact us at service@markus-jotzo.com

+49 40 60 59 29 56.

He made us think and even made one or the other think in new directions: Strong, leading, unpleasant.”

Sylvia Friedmann, Managing Director of HEISERV GmbH

Keynote 2:

“The Unpopular Boss – Why Excellent Leaders Are Not Nice” by Leadership Speaker Markus Jotzo

Rough and gruff won’t produce good results these days. But developing a friendly feel-good culture is not the solution either. So what helps to achieve challenging goals? Speaker Markus Jotzo provides the answers you need.

In this presentation, leaders will learn …

… that there is no use in constantly asking in a nice and friendly tone.

… to communicate directly and with crystal clarity, while at the same time being appreciative.

… how this rather uncomfortable behavior brings the best results and important changes.

Keynote speaker Markus Jotzo answers the questions: Can the manager do something about silo thinking? Absolutely! Can performance management get stubborn employees back on track? Of course! And what’s the biggest mistake you can make as a leader?

Speech description on one page: “The Unpopular Boss”

To request a booking please contact us at service@markus-jotzo.com or

+49 40 60 59 29 56.

Your speech was very lively and very vivid. It woke me up and has given me many new approaches for my day-to-day leadership responsibilities. Chapeau!”

Jürgen Krey, Commercial Director, Kürten & Lechner GmbH

Keynote 3:

“Letting Go for Leaders – More Responsibiliy for Employees” by Leadership Speaker Markus Jotzo

Running from meeting to meeting, fighting a fire here, battling the flames there. Is there another way? There is. In fact, it’s surprisingly easy to implement and tough at the same time. Leadership expert Markus Jotzo provides the impetus for you to hone you letting go and focusing skills and then implement them.

This is what leaders will learn in the lecture:

… priorities for strategy, powerful thinking, and long-term action.

… challenging employees clearly and on a daily basis and improving their performance.

… permanently implementing concrete behavioral changes through daily focus.

Focus and implement the most important tasks every day – this is possible for any leader. This sets the base for the right focus of your company towards satisfied employees, high motivation, and healthy growth. Learn to strengthen your daily letting go leadership with three levers.

Keynote description on one page: “Letting Go for Leaders”

To request a booking please contact us at: service@markus-jotzo.com or

+49 40 60 59 29 56.

This wasn’t just a speech, this was energetic power play at its best. Interactive, vivid, entertaining, and sustainable. Something for the body, the mind, and the laughter muscles. I will never forget the story of the creepy crawlies and the motto: Brave – uncomfortable – proud!“

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Feichtmair
Head of International Business, Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Loerrach

Keynote 4:

“Bold. Energetic. Proud. How to Face Changes with Self Confidence, Sovereignty and Inner Strength” by Leadership Speaker Markus Jotzo

Practically no one likes change, but speaker Markus Jotzo makes change attractive. In this keynote, employees and executives alike will see that only through change we can go further! Digital era, here we come!

Responsibly taking over leadership – whether as employee or manager – is the only way towards successful change.

… How to adopt a confident and goal-oriented attitude – motivation for change.
… How to lead yourself and your employees transformationally and make them more competent.
… How to deal wisely with resistance, mistakes, and setbacks – failure as an opportunity.

How do you turn the affected into the involved? Give them responsibility. Give them opportunities to create and design. Listen to your employees. Then your staff will hit the ground running. Leadership speaker Markus Jotzo explains how you can ensure you are giving them both the freedom to move while at the same time pointing them in the right direction. The lecture is customizable for employees or executives.


Keynote description on one page: “Bold. Energetic. Proud.”

To request a booking please contact us at service@markus-jotzo.com or

+49 40 60 59 29 56.

A concise and valuable lecture to make you think directly about yourself, offering good instructions as well as ideas for implementation. The lecture is funny and actively involves the listeners.”

Henrietta Six, Director, Sparkasse KölnBonn

Keynote 5:

“Four Weeks through Germany Without Money: Overcoming Extraordinary Challenges with an Extraordinary Mindset” by Leadership Speaker Markus Jotzo

Being a leader today often mirrors a crazy journey without any money: Today’s managers have too few resources – budget, time, staff – and yet are supposed to achieve challenging goals. Speaker Markus Jotzo took it upon himself to set off to travel through Germany without any money, and the result was a startling number of parallels to daily operations in day-to-day leadership.

Taking the challenge with confidence – even if it sometimes seems out of reach.

… Four weeks without money, food, or sleeping space: How do you tackle huge challenges in our jobs every day?
… How to instill confidence in yourself and your team and make them ready for change.
… How to handle resistance, mistakes, and setbacks with wisdom: Three steps to restart.

Keynote speaker Markus Jotzo adapts his presentation to suit either employees or executives. Approach ambitious goals, change, and the digital era with motivation and success. Small yet concrete changes in your thinking have a huge impact on achieving your goals. This talk will blow your mind!


Speech description on one page: “Four Weeks Through Germany Without Money”

To request a booking please contact us at service@markus-jotzo.com or

+49 40 60 59 29 56.