Testimonials Keynote Speeches by Markus Jotzo


“After the first few minutes, Markus Jotzo already had the listeners on his side. His very sympathetic, professionally sound, and pragmatic manner led to the start of an improvement process, one which was desired by all. Fantastic!”

Prof. Dr. Walter Teichmann – Managing Director of the Academy of Education and Careers at Hamburg-Eppendorf University Hospital



“This wasn’t just a talk, this was energetic power play at its best. Interactive, vivid, entertaining, and sustainable. Something for the body, the mind, and the laughter muscles. I will never forget the story of the creepy crawlies and the motto: Brave – uncomfortable – proud!“

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Feichtmair, Head of International Business, Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Loerrach



“The lecture was excellent! Entertaining, provocative, and valuable for the day-to-day work of our entrepreneurs. Top class! The request for another lecture has already been placed with Mr. Jotzo…“

Peter Geckeler, Managing Director of Business Association Metall Baden-Württemberg



“Your speech was very lively and very vivid. It awakened me and gave me many new approaches for my day-to-day leadership responsibilities. Chapeau!”

Jürgen Krey, Commercial Director, Kürten & Lechner GmbH



“I have since delegated a lot more, sometimes with painful experiences, but mainly with very positive experiences. I’ve also had the first quiet holiday in a long time – it does work!”

Florian Schwarz-Gewallig, Member of the Executive Board, LOXXESS AG



“In an entertaining and competent way, you inspire your listeners. The crisp and memorable tips, with such images as the hunting lion, make your talk stand out from the crowd. Thank you very much for that! “

Frank Mund, President, Marketing Club Mönchengladbach



“Superior lecture – very inspiring (!) – was a great joy and enrichment.“

Rainer Richter, Head of Wealth Management, Commerzbank AG



“You, Mr. Jotzo, have managed to focus on what it means to be the boss. The tips you give are pragmatic and easy to implement. I myself used one first thing the following week. The examples used in the keynote speech are gripping and clear. In summary, a lecture that is second to none. In a word: Revelatory!”

Stefan Trinkl, SMP Deutschland GmbH



“Because of your lecture, I attended the Mainz Personnel Decision Network Meeting for the first time – and I can say the journey there and time spent were really worth it, because I was completely intrigued by the theme, right in the middle of it, great! The lion postcard got its own special place the very next morning, so that I am reminded of your metaphor on a daily basis … :). Personally, I was able to take a lot away with me because Your suggestions were very helpful and user-friendly, a really successful lecture!

“Thank you very much!”

Ursula Hepfer, Head of Human Resources, Heidelberg



“The lecture was, in a nutshell, entertaining and brought a chuckle in many places – a great lecture. Recommended, not only for conflict-shy bosses in need of harmony.”

Dennis Schiffer, Head of Personnel, TASSO



“He made us think and even made one or the other think in new directions: Strong, leading, unpleasant.”

Sylvia Friedmann, Managing Director of HEISERV GmbH



“Your lion postcard is sitting on my desk as a daily reminder to take time for strategy.”

Mario Pesch, Sparkasse KölnBonn



“The evening with Markus Jotzo had everything a keynote lecture needs: Something to smile about, something new, something that makes you think, and also all sorts of amazing things! And finally, a WOW effect! A successful evening for our employees, who definitely took home something for themselves from this lecture.”

Sybille Gast, HR Director, achtung! GmbH



“I’ve heard your talk twice now and I have been thrilled every time. I initially projected your words more onto my private life, but even at work I have noticed something here with a bit of ‘observation from the outside’. I’ve stopped smoking, or at least I’m still working on it. I am doing more sports and am learning more intensively for my driving license, things which I have always neglected a lot. I have been personally scrutinising my priorities and I have changed something about them as well. I now also take the time to do things consistently instead of procrastinating or postponing them until later, especially unpleasant things. THANK YOU, thanks for motivating and waking me up…”

Doreen Scharn, Berlin


“Exactly what I expected from the lecture: Amazing and valuable.“

Wolfgang Keller, Business Unit Manager Digital Imaging, Jenoptik LOS GmbH



“Markus Jotzo came on stage and immediately inspired us. With ‘Courage is a Muscle’, he immediately invited us to step out of our comfort zone and take on challenges. This is a whole new approach, one that I am happy to take on. Thank you very much for that.”

Sandra Voigt, Hellermann Tyton Inc.



“A concise and valuable lecture to make you think directly about yourself, offering good instructions as well as ideas for implementation. The lecture is funny and actively involves the listeners.”

Henrietta Six, Director, Sparkasse KölnBonn



“Your lecture has made us all ‘more alert’ again in terms of focusing on the essentials. Our task as leaders is to make employees ‘great’ and thus empower, encourage, and demand. Especially leaders who have practical experience tend to give too many answers rather than ask questions and thereby accompany the employees in reaching decisions themselves. Your approach creates space for employee development and free time for the boss!”

Winfried Mantwill, Managing Director of Ruch Novaplast GmbH & CO. KG



“Your lecture to our master craftsmen, all of whom are owners of medium-sized guild businesses, has been very well received by our members! You were even able to convince our more reserved listeners with your high level of expertise and own experience, encouraging them to reflect on their own self and the task distributions in a company. We would like to thank you very much for this and will recommend you unreservedly.”

Randolf Haese, Managing Director of Kreishandwerkschaft Schleswig



“Thank you for the inspiring lecture at the Marketing Club, as well as the practical and solution-oriented ideas and actionable food for thought for everyday life. It is always a great pleasure to attend your lectures. They are always cordial, open and motivating.“

Monika Wenke, Management Advisor


“Great fun, very dynamic and in depth.“

Chris Hunter, Indigo Scientific Ltd., United Kingdom



“You professionally managed to animate people to think and reflect themselves. Our daily working life will give us plenty of chances to practice your intense and practical message.”

14 managers, Öffentliche Versicherung Braunschweig



“I really liked your entertaining lecture style, peppered with practical implementation tips, and it reminded me to stick to my own vision for the next phase of my career.”

Wilfried Eberweiser, Head of Caritas Meeting Center



“Markus Jotzo manages to hook his audience with his spirited, funny, and entertaining way and at the same time still makes them think. I particularly like how he demands trust and clarity.”

Diane Fresen, Managing Director, Steppenwolf GmbH



“A very well-prepared, funny, structured, and entertaining lecture with plenty of surprising moments. Markus Jotzo managed to actively involve the listeners. The tips he gives can really be put straight into practice. The intensification videos allow further development even after the lecture.“

Elfriede Eberweiser, Alcon Pharma Inc.

Testimonials for Markus Jotzo’s Seminars

“Engaging, motivating, instructive: Markus Jotzo knows how to inspire people and let them grow beyond themselves. I have already ordered his book The Formula for Infinite Pride – Do the Things You Cannot Do and I look forward to reactivating life goals that I had shrugged away and neglected. Above all, I will implement them this time!”

Nadine Hak



“Making good employees even better – a lot of coaches do that. Making good employees even better and working with them to bring their strengths to the fore – some coaches do that. But developing good employees who can make a positive evaluation of their own strengths and succeed in doing so – only Markus Jotzo does that. We look forward to further heeding Jotzo’s advice in the future.”

Wolf-Dieter Werner, Director of Human Resources, Beta Systems Software AG



“For two days, I was able to enjoy a completely practical training, which is just what I needed to be able to make effective presentations in my work. Markus is pure passion in his presentations. Definitely, it has been a fantastic experience!”

Miriam Olmos González, Henry Schein Spain



“For me, this was the most inspiring seminar I have had in years. The principles and techniques of human resources management are taught in a lively manner and with a high proportion of practical exercises. The energy that Markus radiates simply tears you along.”

Dr. Klaus Müßigbrodt, Departmental Head



“I have actually already implemented a lot of things. I switched my diet, signed up to staff training, separated from my boyfriend, terminated the friendship of an annoying girlfriend, and also stuck to working only 8-9 hours a day. So you see: your harsh words definitely worked with me. Thank you!”

Maria, lecture and seminar participant



“Your workshop really influenced me. You brought back my faith in myself. I’ve always realized I wanted more, but have always made myself too small. In October, I gathered my courage, focused on my goals, and approached my boss about the fact that I would like to change. We found a suitable job for me in the same department! I start in 1-2 months. So keep going – You reached me!“

Christina S.



“You first need to have ‘courage to succeed’. Markus Jotzo knows how because he leads by example – ‘In 4 Weeks to the Zugspitze Without Money’ – and reports on his personal experiences. Here, you will learn to set aside the blinkers of fear from your own courage. The statement ‘do what you cannot do’ inspires and encourages at the same time. As an untrained runner, I am now looking forward to my participation in the next company run!”

Anna-Sophia Greis, CONET Technologies AG



“With his talk, Markus Jotzo appeals to leaders and employees alike, elegantly offers the right perspective, and creates a sustained effect through his use of personal anecdotes.”

Lars Lehniger, Berlin Savings Bank



“What for a workshop! Just Amazing!”

Eugenio Cicala, Henry Schein Germany



“I attended the 2 day Professional Presentations course by Markus Jotzo. I found the course to be extremely informative and while I have experience giving presentations I lacked confidence. After completing the course I am much more comfortable presenting to large groups and I now have the knowledge to produce really impactful presentations. Highly recommended. Thank you, Markus!”

Lee Slater, Henry Schein UK



“Well prepared and very structured, this training day was an intense learning day for our managers. Markus Jotzo was able to respond individually to the specific development and learning needs of the individual participants. Much training knowledge is soon forgotten in everyday business – but not here. Markus Jotzo places a strong focus on sustainability by effectively and efficiently supervising each participant. I can wholly recommend this training for leaders.“

Dr. Sieglinde Jastroch, HR Manager CE, Orion Pharma GmbH



“For the tenth year, Mr. Jotzo has been supporting us with his training sessions, at our international strategy meetings, and by individually coaching executives. Not only does Mr. Jotzo develop effective training concepts with his passionate, goal-oriented, and tenacious style, he also questions my thinking as an international sales manager. His goal orientation and steady questioning enabled us to remove many snarls that had clung to us. This has enabled me to bring our business forward even more successfully and to continue our significant international growth of recent years.“

Claus Ripken, Managing Director, Knauf Aquapanel & Co. KG



“The strategy workshop has made some fundamental issues very clear for my managers. It went in an even better direction than I had imagined.“

Matthias Quaritsch, Head of Corporate Communications, Hamburg Airport



“Inspired by a spontaneous presentation at the Zukunft Personal Expo in Cologne, we classified the everyday challenges our managers face with Mr. Jotzo and were able to develop a very concrete order declaration for his training with us in Freiburg. Mr. Jotzo was very well prepared and was able to respond skillfully to the participants’ needs. Our managers really liked the direct and crystal-clear feedback. There was a relaxed and open learning atmosphere to which Mr. Jotzo made a very decisive contribution. During the session, he constantly addressed our challenges in practice, thus the practical exercises in particular offered a high benefit for our day-to-day management work. Afterward, we received structured handouts and 1:1 telephone coaching, which are very valuable for the sustainable transfer of knowledge. We will definitely do another session with Mr. Jotzo.”

Nelly Schulz-Algie, Head Of Personnel, LeaseRad GmbH



“No seminar has ever involved me so thoroughly in its aftermath. The paperwork did not simply end up on the shelf. The images used were very impressive and the intensification videos always remind me to focus on my leadership task. That benefits me and ultimately my team!“

Susanne Schwestermann, Executive



“Markus Jotzo is one of the very few trainers, who understand what it takes for personal development to be sustained over time. Having worked closely with him in designing and delivering leadership development programs, I can say that his personable approach, combined with challenging participants, and helping your organisation to create post-training implementation solutions is creating relevant and sustainable opportunities for your employees to develop and grow the business.“

Kevin Groen, Training Architect, B.V., Netherlands



“The training is still with me, even after 6 months, because of, among other things, the intensification videos, many thanks for those! The seminar was valuable to me in any case. For me, the main focus from the seminar was and still is the topic of ‘delegating and letting go in daily leadership’. I regularly use the seminar notes to revisit various aspects. In this respect, I can say that this has been a very valuable experience for me.”

Alexander Schmidt, Group Leader, Commerzbank AG



“Over the course of 1 year and the 5 sessions I greatly benefitted from your insight, knowledge, experience and your commitment to helping me become more effective professionally, but also personally. Considering we were a group of 15 or so people, I appreciated the time you devoted to tailoring the training to the individual needs of the participants, which in the end felt like we had access to our own personal mentoring service! This was no mean feat considering the size of the group. I am convinced the training was a very worthwhile investment by my company, since all participants have been encouraged (or forced!) to face up to areas for improvement and adapt our thinking and behaviour for better results. I personally found the individual coaching and practical exercises most beneficial for me. Thank you for the challenges, advice and support in our career development. All the best for 2014!”

Mavar, National Sales Manager, UK & Ireland


“The goal-oriented and unsparing gaze of Mr. Jotzo’s questions and comments in coaching was absolutely helpful. It really took me forward and got a lot of obstacles out of my way.“

Britt Unnerstall, Project Manager, DVP Services



“Almost playfully, as part of the group the internal resistance loosened within me. This has been slowing me down for a long time. I look forward to a sequel.”

Gerhard Broecker, Broecker Corporate Development GmbH