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Eye contact in presentation, meeting and dialogue


Dear participants,

you will shortly take part in a presentation training by Markus Jotzo.


Your preparation:

  1. Watch the video below.
  2. Do the exercises personally 7 days prior to the training.
  3. Send all answers to Markus Jotzo by e-mail 7 days prior to the training.


Your preparation starts 2 weeks before your training with the video and the reflection questions.


1. Observe others and their eye contact: The seller at the bakery, cashier in the supermarket, friends or acquaintances in a dialogue, colleagues in a meeting.

  •  What three things can you observe?
  •  What do you take out of these observations?


2. Good and bad presenters, speakers in a meeting or in a dialogue concerning contact:

  •  How does weak eye contact affect you?
  •  How does strong eye contact affect you?


3. How do you behave in eye contact situations? On stage, in a meeting, in dialogue, during a break with colleagues?

  •  What are you good at?
  •  What are you not doing so well?
  •  What do you take with you from this reflection?


4. Over the next 5 working days, train your eye contact several times a day.

  • Goal: Maintaining good eye contact in all situations.
  • Reflection after the exercise:
  • What works well for you?
  • What doesn’t work so well for you?
  • Exchange views on the subject of eye contact with a colleague or a friend: What do you take away from this exchange?



a. What are 3 things that distract concentration in online meetings?

b. What critical situations would you like to manage better in the future?

c. What questions do you want your training to answer?


6. Send your answers to questions 1-5 to 7 days before the training to Markus Jotzo:


7. During your PowerPoint presentation that you will give in the training, use a clicker with your cell phone to jump from slide to slide. XING / New Work IT will call you to set up the appropriate installation. To download the app and get the clicker working, please use the installation instructions you received via e-mail.