The Incredibly Proud-Formula –
Do Things You Cannot Do

Markus Jotzo challenges the reader to skip the challenge zone – and to catapult themselves right into the overchallenging zone. One can expect it to be more exciting:

In that zone, the readers are supposed to tackle their lifelong dreams -small and big ones- that lay dormant within them for so very long, directly and without any detours. In other words: They should do things they don’t yet know how to do, and therefore consciously risking to fail. The effect: the quickest possible learning speed. The final outcome: immense pride.

Markus Jotzos guidebook doesn’t compare to the conventional books about courage at all. It is radical, refreshing, filled with anecdotes and stories – and reflected in a convincing way.

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The seminar to the topic

Crossing One’s Own Boundaries with Courage and Energy – The seminar for more courage, self-determination, and life satisfaction.

The keynote to the topic

Brave. Active. Proud. How to Master Change with Strength and Confidence – The keynote for your company event.

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