My Journey #niezuvorgemacht (#neverdonebefore)

July-August 2016

One month. About 1.200 kilometers. From the lowest point in Germany to the Zugspitze. And all without money.

I am Markus Jotzo – author, speaker, and father – and with this plan I am jumping straight out of my comfort zone. I’m doing something new that I cannot (yet) do because I know people grow fastest when they are challenged.

Why am I doing this? Because I want to show that so much more is possible – for each of us – if only we want it.

Thanks a lot, to all supporters!


The Formula for Infinite Pride – Do Things You Cannot Do

You reach infinite pride when you have done something that you have never dreamt of or done before.

It’s more than just leaving your comfort zone, it’s taking the leap into the over-challenging-zone: To consciously do something you’re not familiar with but have been dreaming of for a long time – that means failing, learning very quickly and still be proud at the end. Through his exceptional book, Markus encourages people to excel.

More about the book The Formula for Infinite Pride