11. January 2021

Inspiration 33. What Really Matters in Life

What matters most to you in life? What creates the most value for you? You may know the movie City Slickers starring Billy Crystal, to whom an old, wise cowboy says: “One thing. Just one […]
14. December 2020

Inspiration 32. Breaks Are a Waste of Time!

When was the last time you took a three-week vacation? Well, I’ve taken a couple of those. I’ve been to Namibia, Myanmar, Mexico, Vietnam, Cuba, Brazil … although it must be said that I only […]
9. November 2020

Inspiration 31. Cut Your Meeting Time by 20-30% – also in Remote Settings.

In a 2009 workplace study, 5,000 European managers said that much of the time spent on meetings could easily be saved. And I expect that the number of meetings has not decreased in the meantime. […]
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