14. September 2017

Inspiration 13: Madonna never burns out!

What do you think, could Madonna ever get burned out? No!!! But Madonna does not have a 40-hour week! No, she works much longer than 9 to 5. Why does she work so much? Because […]
14. January 2015

Inspiration 5: 3 Golden Tips for Excellent Results and Productivity at Work

Does this sound familiar to you? Your To-do-list is getting longer and longer, and priorities are waiting and waiting … Too often our work is being interrupted. E-mails, colleagues who are chatting or asking questions, […]
2. January 2015

Inspiration 4: A good leadership challenge or a crazy dream?

It’s well known that the Volkswagen’ leader, Martin Winterkorn, doesn’t tend to hesitate and likes to challenge. He has recently given the GO! for a new project, which success is still questionable:   The “Budget […]
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