The Unpopular Boss –
The reason why managers are not nice

Good executives merely achieve average results. Markus Jotzo’s management book reveals how bosses can become excellent executives: On the way to excellent leadership it is inevitable to keep looking closely and to regularly address their employee’s strengths as well as areas for improvement. That’s unpleasant for the employee – and quite hard for the manager, too.

The author is convinced: “Employees love being thrown in at the deep end – in retrospect.” As unpleasant as it may appear, the result is convincing: Employees excel and grow. Executives and their personnel will create completely new potentials. In order for bosses to set the course for success, a new attitude regarding leadership is necessary. Every manager can make this quantum leap by utilizing the management book with its practical tips.

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The Unpopular Boss: Why Excellent Leaders Aren’t Nice – The keynote for your company event.


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