Just a few moments after starting, Markus Jotzo had the audience on his side. His extremely pleasant personality, professionally grounded and hands-on approach lead to an improvement process that was initiated at the end of the event and was welcomed by everyone. That’s fantastic! 
Prof. Dr. Walter Teichmann – Manager UKE-Academy for Education and Career at the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf. 

“This wasn’t just a lecture; it was an energetic, powerful event, the best of the best. Hands-on, vivid, entertaining and poignant. Something for the body and mind, and it makes you laugh. I’ll never forget the story about the crawling animals and the motto: bold – provocative – proud!” 
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Feichtmair
Head of International Business, Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Loerrach

“I’ve listened to your lecture twice already and was thrilled both times. At first, I projected your words more on my personal life, but then I also noticed -with some observation from the outside- that something needs to happen at work as well. I quit smoking, or at least I’m still trying to. I work out more often and study more intensely for my driver’s license. These are all things I’ve always neglected quite a bit. Professionally, I scrutinized my priorities and made changes there, too. And I take the time to get things done immediately instead of dawdling around or putting them off for later, especially if there are unpleasant issues / tasks. Thank you for motivating me and for the wake-up-call…”
Doreen Scharn, Berlin

“The lecture turned out to be exactly what I expected:
Amazing, how that works and it’s valuable.”
Wolfgang Keller, Business unit Manager Digital Imaging, Jenoptik LOS GmbH

“Your lecture caused us to be more ‘alert’ again when it comes to concentrating on the essential. One of the tasks we leaders have is to let our employees ‘grow’ and use this as a foundation to empower,  encourage and demand. Especially experienced managers tend to give too many answers rather than asking questions and accompany the employees themselves towards making a decision. Your approach creates room for staff development and free time for the boss!”
Winfried Mantwill
Manager Ruch Novaplast GmbH & CO. KG

„Great fun, very dynamic and in depth.“
Chris Hunter, Indigo Scientific Ltd., United Kingdom

“Your workshop really influenced me. You made me believe in myself again. I’ve always noticed that I want more, made myself small instead. This October, I gathered all my courage, focused on my goals and told my boss that I would like to make some changes. We found an adequate position for me in the same department! I’ll start in about 1-2 months. Keep up your great work – you reached me!”
Christina S.

“In his lecture, Markus Jotzo addresses managers and employees alike; he mirrors the respective viewpoints in a classy way, and by sharing personal anecdotes, he establishes long-lasting effects.” 
Lars Lehniger, Berliner Sparkasse 

“I enjoyed your entertaining lecture style, which includes lots of facilitation tips, very much and it reminded me to sit down and pursue my own vision for my next professional working phase.”
Wilfried Eberweiser, Manager Caritas Conference Center

“With his lively, funny and entertaining lecture style, Markus Jotzo manages to keep his audience’s attention, but he also makes them think. I especially like that he demands trust and clarity.”

Diane Fresen, Manager Steppenwolf GmbH

“This well prepared, funny and structured lecture was entertaining and had a few elements of surprise. Markus Jotzo was able to actively include the audience. His tips are truly practical and the intensification videos allow further development after the lecture.”

Elfriede Eberweiser, Alcon Pharma GmbH

“This training day was well prepared and highly structured and made for an intensive day of learning for our managers. Markus Jotzo managed to address the specific development and learning needs of each participant individually. In everyday business, it happens that training knowledge is easily forgotten – but not here. Markus Jotzo puts a strong focus on sustainability by offering the participants efficient follow-up support. I can definitely recommend this training for managers.”
Dr. Sieglinde Jastroch, HR Manager CE, Orion Pharma GmbH

“It’s the fifth year in which Mr. Jotzo supports us with his training and regarding our international strategy meetings. Not only does Mr. Jotzo develop effective training concepts in his passionate, goal oriented and persistent way, he also questions my thoughts as an international sales manager. His target orientation and constant scrutinizing merged many individual aspects into one. As a result, I can be even more successful in moving our company forward and continue our distinct international growth of the past years.”

Claus Ripken, Director Sales & Marketing, Knauf USG Systems GmbH & Co. KG

“The strategy workshop clarified some basic topics for my managers. Things moved in a better direction than I initially imagined.”

Matthias Quaritsch, Manager Business Communication, Airport Hamburg

“Up until now, no seminar occupied my thoughts to that degree afterwards. The documents didn’t end up on shelf ‘J’. The photos used were very impressive and the intensification videos kept reminding me to focus on my leading role. I benefited from that and so did my team.”

Susanne Schwestermann, Manager

„Markus Jotzo is one of the very few trainers, who understand what it takes for personal development to be sustained over time. Having worked closely with him in designing and delivering leadership development programs, I can say that his personable approach, combined with challenging participants, and helping your organisation to create post-training implementation solutions is creating relevant and sustainable opportunities for your employees to develop and grow the business.“
Kevin Groen, Training Architect, Booking.com B.V., Netherlands

“Over the course of 1 year and the 5 sessions I greatly benefitted from your insight, knowledge, experience and your commitment to helping me become more effective professionally, but also personally. Considering we were a group of 15 or so people, I appreciated the time you devoted to tailoring the training to the individual needs of the participants, which in the end felt like we had access to our own personal mentoring service! This was no mean feat considering the size of the group. I am convinced the training was a very worthwhile investment by my company, since all participants have been encouraged (or forced!) to face up to areas for improvement and adapt our thinking and behaviour for better results. I personally found the individual coaching and practical exercises most beneficial for me. Thank you for the challenges, advice and support in our career development. All the best for 2014!”
A. Mavar, 
National Sales Manager, UK & Ireland

“The goal oriented and relentless approach to look closely via Mr. Jotzo’s questions and comments during the Coaching was very helpful. It really enabled me to take a step forward and removed many obstacles.” 

Britt Unnerstall, Project Manager, DVP services

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