In his books, including the trainer book published in 2013, author Markus Jotzo gives concrete practical tips for aspiring and experienced managers. Inspirations for daily leadership that allow bosses to save hours and get more successful at the same time – for a motivated, entrepreneurial and focused thinking on the part of all those involved.

Das 2. Buch von Führungskräfte Coach Markus Jotzo ist eindeutig Chefsache!

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Letting Go-Techniques for Executives – 
My employees can do it

A guidebook for aspiring and experienced managers who want to achieve even better results. In a practical manner, the author sets impulses for how mangers can make more time for their actual task – strategical and conceptual: Placing more focus on the essential and the courage to let go and delegate responsibilities to the employees is the foundation for entrepreneurial success. 

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The Unpopular Boss –
The reason why excellent managers are not nice

What does a good manager need to become an excellent boss? Markus Jotzo addresses that key issue in this book. In a practical way, he shows how managers can change their attitude regarding leadership and set a step by step course for success. Sometimes, this process is unpleasant for the boss and the employees. But the team can reach its full potential only if every team member works on him / herself. 

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The Incredibly Proud-Formula –
do things you don’t know how to do

It’s more than just leaving your comfort zone, it’s taking the leap into the overchallenging-zone: To consciously do something you’re not familiar with but have been dreaming of for a long time – that means failing, learning very quickly and still be proud at the end. Through his exceptional book, Markus encourages people to excel.

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