“I’ve found my calling. Being an author, speaker and trainer, I motivate people to adopt new ways of thinking, new approaches and actions for a happier and more successful life. I propel people forward. I’m able to help them succeed in achieving substantial positive and better results every day. I love it!”

Markus Jotzo


Letting go more often, more focus

Markus Jotzo wants to see people excel. That works best when they try things they can’t do – yet, and it is exactly why his lectures and books give his audience and readers more courage to show circumspection and farsightedness – and he encourages free thinking and coming up with new ideas.

He himself accepted new challenges with initiating and managing numerous projects while studying business and administration, followed by different leading positions at a global company. He watched his bosses, who accompanied him in his career, and noticed that leading is one of the greatest adventures. Based on the positive examples when it comes to leading, Markus Jotzo felt the urge to develop solutions for a well functioning leadership. 


More courage and more stamina

In 2005, Jotzo, who was born in Göttingen, became self-employed as a speaker and trainer in the city of Hamburg. In addition to practical knowledge and concrete tips, he opened up new perspectives that made his international audience think deeply. The result of all the activities of his company “Markus Jotzo Leadership Development“: The necessary motviation and the courage to embrace change.

How does Markus Jotzo do it? He mastered the successful combination of charm and provocation. He uses that to incite to let go of the insignficant and the audience gathers new  energy and strength for essential things – and not just the managers.


More energy and strength

Family, courage, stamina and self-assertion is something Markus Jotzo has in personal life as well. He played handball for twenty years, and now he crosses his limits by going mountain biking in his spare time.

His children keep the caring family man constantly busy, too. He also proves his stamina with another one of his hobbies: music. He really likes to party away when he attends concerts of his favorite band “The Boss Hoss“.



Markus Jotzo generated media attention in the summer of 2016 during his journey from Hamburg to the Zugspitze. What was so special about it? He traveled without a single cent in his pocket. Find out more here.


A climate-neutral Business


Climate-neutral label energy and power are particularly close to his heart, and not only when it comes to people, but also regarding the environment. It is why he, his family and his company live CO2-neutral. In 2012, he started to support a climate protection project, through which all emissions produced by his family and business, are compensated. 



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