Letting go for leaders – more responsibility for employees

The management book for executives who want to achieve better results. It is intended for experienced executives as well as junior managers: if they want to be successful with their team, they need to let go, have confidence in their employees to accomplish great things, and delegate. Because only those who challenge their staff and allow them adequate lattitude, can bring the best out of them – and develop the company’s full potential.

Markus Jotzo knows from his own leadership experience: When employees become partners, the boss can retreat from the operational business and concentrate fully on the managerial functions. To make sure these are not just good intentions, his book “Letting go for leaders” conveys practical tools and proven strategies bosses can implement directly in their everyday work.

Providing practical examples and numerous tips, the “Trainer Book of 2013” helps to make smarter decisions with a clear head, independent, productive and creative employees and the focus set on advancement.

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Why “Letting go for leaders”? Video “3 tips on how to let go”


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Bonus material for the book “Letting go for leaders”. The content is password protected. You can find the password in the book on page 233 of the current reprint.


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