11. September 2019

Inspiration 20: Digital Leadership – Be Ready for Fast-Paced Change

My book The Unpopular Boss – Why Excellent Leaders Are Not Nice has received some criticism. It’s content is not new and therefore, according to some, is nothing more than grandstanding. I think this is […]
7. September 2019

Inspiration 19: You betrayed my trust!

Roundabout half a year ago, two close colleagues of mine betrayed my trust. We had an agreement, but neither one of them kept to their word. They abused their position of power and there was […]
7. September 2019

Inspiration 18: Digital Leadership – 6 Tipps to Create an Atmosphere of Openness and Trust

In today’s world of work, you will face many changes and other challenges. How can you equip yourself and your team to act effectively in these digital times, with their shifting contexts and unexpected challenges? […]
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