Impulse 13. Who likes to do the dishes?

In lectures and seminars, I always ask managers: How much do you want to lead?
This includes: Making clear announcements, setting priorities, giving recognition to good deeds, very good and outstanding achievements, recognizing conflicts and solving them sustainably, appealing to low-ranking people and bringing them to an acceptable level, to be the contact person for one’s own boss, to be role a model, even bring top performance and so on and so forth.

On a scale of 1-10?
How much do you want to lead?
10 means “I want all this completely!”
1 means “I’d just like to be a clerk.”
What do you think the executives are answering? On average?

Just ask yourself. What number do you answer? No, don’t read on… just pause, write down the answer and then read on. For me, there can be only one answer. And that’s 9 or 10. Actually 10, but there are sometimes dry spells. OK, the dry spell can be violent sometimes, then you may slip off.

Just make yourself one thing clear: if you only run with the energy level 8 or 7 or even less, then you cannot expect 100% performance from your employees. You are a role model! Your employees feel your energy & power, your whims and also your desire to get engaged. And if you are not fully engaged, then your employees won’t do so either.


He who wants, finds ways to get it done. And he who does not, finds excuses

A few weeks ago, a leader came up to me and asked me how she can deal with long-term low ranking people. After some time I gained the impression through several reactions to my tips that this manager was looking for a confirmation that she really can’t do anything.

Being a leader also means to get your hands dirty. Leadership looks great on the business card, but that also means work, means learning, means making mistakes, and means asking experienced colleagues, HR and coaches how it is done better. Leadership is a unique skill that has very little to do with the professional competence of an expert. Projects, files and computer programs behave differently than humans.

Do YOU want to lead?

Do YOU want to be a leader?

What would happen if you didn’t do the dishes at home? Dish washer broken. The owner is taking a break. No problem for two to three days. But in addition to aesthetic aspects, a nasty smell will soon arise and at some point your clean plates go out.

It is exactly the same whith leading people. If leadership is left out, your result is suboptimal — not after a day, but after a while. If you do not resolve conflicts sustainably, then they start recurring over and over again.

There are ways to resolve conflicts sustainably – even between deeply hostile parties. Deep inside, every person desires belonging, positive results and a shared creation. This has made mankind large and numerous for thousands of years. You can do it if you really want.


I’m just a human being!

One more thing: if you have a dry spell, then your motivation may fall to 3 or 4 – for a few days. Or even on 7 or 8 – for a few weeks. Then it is your turn to act: change it, love it or leave it. Do not go the fourth way – like many others – hate it. So many already do take this path. Change your way of thinking. Or get support first and then change something. 

You are responsible for the work pleasure of all those employees who work in your team. Not for the basic motivation, everyone is responsible for this.

If you think “I have an level-8-self-motivation, that’s ok.” you’re barking up the wrong tree! You need 9.5 or 10. Anything less is not acceptable! Not if you want to do a first-class job, want to be paid very well and want to have great career opportunities. And if you do not want all of this, then give up your leadership role. Because otherwise you have too much negative influence on others.


Oh yes, what do the managers say in my lectures and seminars? On average, less than eight. Less than eight! Between 6,3 and 7,8. Weird, isn’t it? But stop: No reproaches to these executives! Leading a team is tough and difficult at times. And at the same time, there are so many ways to learn leadership skills and actively take up the challenges.

Either we are part of the solution or part of the problem. What do you choose?

Do it now!


Success to you!
Markus Jotzo


Please leave a comment if you agree or disagree! I am looking forward to discuss with you!



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