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Keynote speeches for Leaders, Training for Leaders, and Change Management

“Change management, learning and growth is my passion: Using my speeches and training sessions to empower leaders to make strong decisions, conduct employee conversations with confidence, and effectively implement changes and reach goals.


During my career at various companies, I have frequently experienced average or even poor quality leadership. To be creative, achieve high performance, and make bold decisions, I always felt as if I had to clear quite a few obstacles along the way. However, I have also met strong leaders who really got the best out of me. I have incorporated these experiences – from life, from being employed at Unilever for nine years, including eight as a leader, and from my fourteen years of self-employment – into my speeches and training sessions to share them with you.


My mission is to make the lives of leaders and employees easier and more successful through my speeches, books, blogs, videos, online training, leadership seminars, podcasts and social media posts. That’s why I wake up at 5 am every day full of energy and looking forward to my job – every single day! Well, okay – almost every day.”


Pushing change forward: Speaker for leadership and leadership training in an era of digitalization and change

Powerful. Provocative. Practical: Markus Jotzo’s audiences are being swept away, as evidenced by the enthusiastic feedback he receives from his listeners. Not only because this expert on leadership presents his talks and leadership training sessions in a fun and entertaining way, but also because he provides practical and actionable roadmaps that through daily use lead to more focus, better personnel management, increased employee motivation, and the right type of change management.

Managing change: Change management and digitalization

Leadership in times of change: Our working environment is changing dramatically, with digitalization frequently calling for restructuring, change of perspective, and change of processes in the corporate culture and thereby posing new challenges for leaders. Thanks to strong statements and a talent for asking the right questions, Markus Jotzo’s input for targeted changes will benefit even experienced leaders.

Speaker for leadership: Clear and healthy leadership for employee motivation

As a motivational speaker for leadership, Markus Jotzo simply buzzes with energy and serves as an inspiration to many leaders to question and optimize their own self-management and leadership. Participants can’t stop chuckling when Markus Jotzo uses his humor to home in on their little – sometimes less useful – habits. The practical tips he offers in his speeches initiate the personal change process, and it is this challenge that succeeds in enabling them to manage change within the workplace.

Leadership training: Self-management and employee management

A management training session with Markus Jotzo is interactive and has an extremely high level of practical relevance: Self-management, employee conversations, healthy leadership, the digital era, employee motivation, managing changes, letting go and focusing, and clear, direct communication are just a few of the topics presented in his seminars. “Suddenly my employees are coming up with ideas!” This typical feedback is from a participant who has integrated Markus Jotzo’s suggestions on employee motivation and team building into her own day-to-day leadership methods. Leaders participating in Markus’ seminars have had great success in demanding performance, creativity, and results from their employees.

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If you also want to experience these results for yourself or your team, or if you want to deal with the changes coming your way, then book Markus Jotzo for your next leadership meeting or employee event to give a keynote speech on leadership or on making lasting changes. You can also book Markus Jotzo as your trainer for your next leadership training program. The employee motivation levels in your teams will thank you. Contact us!

Markus Jotzo on the subject of leadership: Leading like a lion – mastering change management

“The qualifications of an executive are still infrequently taught in schools, apprenticeships, or at university. Suddenly becoming a leader means to change and the need to think and behave differently. This is all the more true in this digital age, where there is constant pressure to manage change and produce a quick response to the challenges of the market.

Is leadership an innate talent? From my many years of experience as a trainer and leadership speaker, I can assure you: Very good leadership can be learned! Talent and inclination helps, that’s true. But we also know from research that, in the medium term, the hard worker beats the talented one. In short, everyone can learn to be a good leader just like they can learn a foreign language.

Nature herself has produced a natural talent in terms of leadership: The lion. What is it that makes the lion the king of the animal kingdom as well as a real leader? His strength? Perhaps. His ggressiveness? Perhaps. Above all, however, he focuses on his core tasks, and he delegates the essential and important job of hunting. The faster and more agile lionesses take care of bringing down the prey – they are far better qualified due to their physique. Meanwhile, the lion is tasked with defending the pack’s hunting ground – and for that he even puts his own life on the line.


Hunt like a lion!

Let your employees take the reins more often!

Focus on the real boss stuff!


This is the most important roadmap to success in good leadership: Only when employees produce the results themselves and experience success themselves will they work with responsibility and motivation. Hence, employee motivation has a lot to do with the frameworks that their leaders create. The more the manager interferes in the day-to-day operations, the faster the sense of responsibility and motivation of the employees will dwindle. So, letting go lies at the core of being a very good leader.

How you can manage all this and more, I will tell you with the greatest of enthusiasm as a speaker for leadership, both in speeches and as a trainer for leadership in my leadership training program. My clients include managing directors as well as area, department, and team leaders – sometimes they are young and new to their role and sometimes they are old and experienced hands who want to get even more out of themselves. I would be pleased to welcome you soon.

Your Markus Jotzo”


Get to know Markus Jotzo for free on his blog, his YouTube channel, and his German Lead Like a Lion podcast: Ten minutes of leadership tips every other Monday on current topics such as change management, digitalization, healthy leadership, self-management, and employee motivation.

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