Impuls 180: Madonna never burns out!

What do you think, could Madonna ever get burned out?
But Madonna does not have a 40-hour week!
No, she works much longer than 9 to 5.
Why does she work so much?
Because it’s fun for her.
Hmm, ok.

But, Madonna also has exhausting days, right?
Yes, sure!
Does she mind?
Because it is fun.
Hm, and is Madonna looking forward to the weekend? Does she say: “Finally! The weekend! “
Because she is having fun working hard!

Does Madonna say “what the… it’s Monday again!”?
Because she is having fun every day.
And thousands of ordinary employees – not just executives – also like to go to work.
Because they found a job that gives them satisfaction, joy and fun!
Because their job makes great sense to them.
The work itself is in accordance with their values, their preferences and their mindsets!
This is great for all these people!


I’m just a normal clerk …

Well, what can the poor, small clerk or assembly-line worker say, who has learned nothing else.
They can’t be very motivated, right?

I say: Everyone is responsible for himself!

If your job doesn’t fit, why not find a new one?
Stop! Not so fast!

Something has motivated the normal clerk to choose this job. He once applied for it.

Then this employee probably lacks meaning in his work. Or the employee has lost sight of this meaning. Or poor leadership has reduced his motivation to a minimum.


It’s about you!

How about you? Are there jobs for you – not necessarily for your qualifications – that you will enjoy?
Yes, I’m sure. It’s thousands!
Three hints for you:

  1. Identify what you really like!
  2. Qualify yourself!

You may say: “Oh, that could be exhausting!” Yes, that’s quite possible. But it will cost you much less to get this done if you have found your answer to the first question. Think of Madonna! Before you find your answer, it’s strenuous. You better do your homework and answer the question first. Then your additional education is a home run for you!

  1. Apply for a new job – either within the same company or externally. Or you become self employed. This is going to be easy for you, because it’s about something that is pure passion for you.

Besides, in the time of your education – if you do it – you will come across many people and opportunities and many new doors will open up for you.

You don’t believe this?
Then work on your mindset, work on your believe system.
Do you think work must be corrosive, it has always been like this and you know a lot of people to whom this applies.
Then change your social environment!
You are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with, said Jon Rohn, the American author.
Who are you meeting?
Who do you talk to?
Who influences you?
Exchange yourself above all with people who think and act positively. Meet people who are self-responsible, self-initiative and who demand your own initiative.


Heureka – That’s what it’s all about!

And here lies the nub of the problem:
Many people are not willing to pay the price it costs to have fun every day in the job, and also in life.
That’s it.

Bitching and blaming others is easy. Blaspheming about others as well. But blasphemy creates only a seemingly positive affinity. You are laughing and gloating at the expense of other people’s joy and happiness. But he who blasphemes is blasphemed. How on earth shall such behavior create positive energy in our society?

If you want a positive, esteeming environment, then behave positively and appreciably. Pay the price every day. Be friendly and helpful. Give without expecting a return. Do a favor to a stranger on the street, and don’t tell anyone about it. Give another person your attention. For example, your partner and listen deeply. You have plenty of time for  this – just switch off your TV for a week or even better for the next 50 years!

And another word to the executives.
We all know “the rot starts at the top”.
So as a manager, take responsibility for the well-being of your employees!
Take care of them that they take breaks. Send them on vacation if they haven’t taken the days off they deserve. Force them to reduce overtime if they work too much.

Tidy up the work of your employees! Let them take care of the essentials, not the nitty-gritty stuff that won’t help anyone. You don’t think that’s what happens in your team? Oh, then ask your employees. I do this regularly in my seminars and the lists of all participants are full each time!

And ask your staff for their purpose: What do they like about their job? Why did they apply here? Always let your employees name and internalize the meaning. This renews motivation for the cause and for the job itself.
You are responsible for the health and well-being of your employees.

And the great thing about it. If you take care of your employees, you’ll get it back! Not immediately. But sooner or later.
Not with every employee but overall in life.

What are you doing today that is different from what you used to do?


Yours, Markus Jotzo


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