Impuls 173: How to quit producing excuses

Think about what has gone through your head as a plan or idea lately. There were certainly nice things. Maybe you wanted to get the old guitar from the basement and practice the Beatles song again. Or do you want to invite the nice neighbors to coffee? Or with the mountain bike experience the winter forest? And what did you do? Probably not much. Or even none of it?

And Why?

You have certainly found good, plausible reasons for why you have not even made an attempt. And if you take a closer look at your reasons, there is a little of truth in everyone, but were the obstacles really not to be cleared? Are they so immovable between you and the idea?

Answer the question completely honestly. Do yourselves a favor, if you expose your internal excuses at least now in hindsight. Because you will see: We all have our personal favorite excuses, which are almost automatic when we meet a new project.

Once you have recognized them, and they automatically press themselves on the next time, you will be able to greet them with a friendly eye, without giving them immediate attention, because you have now exposed them as lame excuses.

Write your favorite excuse on a big note, brush it with red sharpie and then hang the note on your fridge. Away with you, excuses!

The Excuses Whisperer

By the way, all the excuses have only one function: They want us to prevent people with power from falling on their nose, experiencing a defeat, failing. There is this pig dog in our heart, who wants to keep us from all negative experiences. He looks a bit different in everyone, but he always has the same avoidance strategy.

It is good if you know your pig dog and his excuses, because if you plan a really big step, he will be even more likely to send all its excuses at his disposal.

Just Excuse Excuses

This can be observed well in children who want to learn how to ride a bicycle. Since falls are inevitable with it. And that hurts! For this, the child learns rapidly from the time of the fall.

Perhaps it is still a few times. But then, the learning progress is enormous. And the pride is limitless. The children’s eyes are shining!

Why do children do that? Why don’t they  look for a whole range of excuses, why they can not get on the bike? What is the motivation behind the pain of the fall? It is the goal: I want to ride a bicycle! And “I want” means for a child: I WANT!

So if you try to get the mountain bike out of the cellar, try something new, push the excuses aside, give your pig dog a decent kick and just say: I WANT!

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