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Impuls 163: The best decision: Do the things you don’t know how to do

In the world of 1000 possibilities, everything comes down to making a decision.
So let me ask you something:

Would you like to be on a beach in Hawaii right now?

Would you like to enjoy a cocktail, the sun and the warm sand?

Once upon a time a decision was made …

I’ll bet that several of you are raising your hands in front of the computer – or mobile phone screen because you want to shout: “Yes, here! I would like to be in Hawaii!” My comment: No, you don’t.

If you wanted that, you wouldn’t be lounging on the couch, scroll through the menu on your phone while you wait at the bus stop, or secretly read my blog at the office. No, you’re exactly where you want to be, and that is not on the plane heading to the beach. Because people always do what they want. Otherwise you would have made a different decision.

At some point, you decided to be where you are living now. You had valid reasons: Money, staying close to your family, love, certain circumstances …

If you start second-guessing that decision now, and the thought to drop everything and take off to Hawaii or some other dream destination is enticing – well, it’s not because you actually want to visit the sunny island. It’s simply because you like the idea.

Careful, daydreams!

You like the idea since it relativizes your previous decision. Hawaii is a metaphor for a dream, a desire, that there’s “more” to life, something else that you’re still missing.

So the decision to focus on Hawaii is not a concrete goal, but rather a rose-colored, fluffy dream: It’s pretty vague and more like this wistful, evasive feeling in your stomach than a definitive idea.

You’ll recognize this indistinct “decision”, this daydream, in your own words:

  • “Sometimes, I would like to …”
  • “Actually, I really should …”
  • “Next week, I’ll go to the travel agency for sure and …”

Ouch! These phrases should set off alarm bells in your head as they are classic indicators for one thing: Whatever the decision is that you express like that, it will never happen.

Make dreams come true – for real

In order to realize your dreams, it is inevitable to take action. Then, and only then, everything becomes tangible.

My experience on the neverdonebefore-journey (#niezuvorgemacht-Reise) showed me: It works whenever you stand by your decision. When you really and truly want something. And that’s because it gives you the energy to put this vague idea, this fuzzy decision in more concrete terms and make it happen. Then you’re not only talking about doing it someday, you’re going to act. Right now.

And if you really want to achieve something through this decision, let me finish this blog with the ultimate tip for you. In other words: Do the things you don’t know how to do! Set yourself a high goal or dare to do something that still appears to be completely out of reach and impossible to accomplish. It will have a much greater effect when you implement this decision – even if it doesn’t go well at first.

I speak from experience:


I wish you lots of success in realizing your dreams!

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