Impuls 48: How to boost the creativity of your team

Have you ever played in an orchestra?
Those who did and who played professional classical music probably experienced a dominant conductor and leader –
a person who does not only lead the team on stage, but every day in practice.

Imagine you would play in an orchestra now …

You are an expert in your field.
You have played a specific piece of music several hundred times.
You developed your way of playing it in a lovely way.

How to destroy creativity

Now comes a leader who tells you how to play it differently.
How would you react?
You may follow as an obedient and good team member.
But your creativity is distroyed.
Your motivation to come up with new ideas is suffocated.

This is what is normally happening in an orchestra.
Can this work?
Well, absolutely!
Beautiful music is created like this every day. YouTube:
And this is the very traditional way of leading.



Leadership seminar: How can creativity and motivation be kept and we achieve excellent results?

The philharmonic orchestra of Bremen is going a revolutionary way:

  •  Each player is a shareholder of the orchestra.
  • The person who plays the first violin changes regularly.
  • The orchestra takes many decisions with two-thirds majority themselves.
  • Feedback is articulated much more open within the orchestra – also to the conductor.
  • Every player knows the exact financial data.
  • The orchestra even plays from time to time without a conductor.

And this orchestra is successful:

  • Famous international conductors ask the orchestra to play with them.
  • Musicians stay longer than in other orchestras.
  • And the critics are regularly praising this orchestra’s wonderful performances.

Yes, it sounds like it.
And it is obviously possible to change the rules of the game.


My hint:

Ask yourself regularly the question:
How can my team and I have even better results and better motivation with a new way of working?
I asked myself this question after reading the article about this orchestra. Harvard Business Manager, Ausgabe Februar 2014, Seite 90-93:
Today I gave the project management of some necessary adaptions of my web side to a team member.
It feels good.
She is challenged more and learns more now.
And soon she will be more proud of herself.
And I can focus my attention to other very important tasks.

And I am hungry for more!

How about you?
Would you like to have more time for your most important tasks?
Go change the game!
It’s your choice. It is in your hands!


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